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R U OK?'s vision is a world where we're all connected and are protected from suicide.

Their mission is to inspire and empower people to meaningfully connect and lend support to the people in their world who may be struggling with life.

Our mission is to join Tread As One and run or walk as far as we can to raise as much money and awareness as possible for R U OK? and suicide prevention.

Every year over 65,000 Australians attempt to take their lives – we believe that gives us 65,000 reasons to Tread As One.

The best way to support our team and help R U OK? is to join our team and start fundraising.

Thanks for your support, you can also share the link to this page and check in regularly with your friends and family to make sure they’re OK.

#TreadAsOne #RUOK

Thank you to our Sponsors


Dean Musumeci


Steve Simat

Great cause happy to support!


Peter Wilson


Mum & John

Love Mum & John


Michael Hogan

Great cause - hope this helps


Jacqui Palmer


Elizabeth Wootton

Hope this helps Tracey. We have had a couple of incidents in our community & have left a lot of families with unanswered questions. 🥰


Katie Hope

Proud of you Tracey x love Jason and katie ❤



I was personally touched by Barry's sad passing. I had known him in his teenage years. I stayed with him only a few weeks before this tragedy. I knew he was not doing well, but even I was shocked by his passing. Thanks for helping Tracey meet her goal.


Leeanne Palmer

Great cause Tracey xx


The Best Me I Can Be Body Scans


Jay Andrijic


Mike Nysten

Great cause 👍


Penrith Club Manager


Shannon Wilson



Such a great cause ! Your awsome for doing this. Hope this small contribution helps. All the best


Matthew Devries


Erin Slavec


Cassandra Raaaaaaay Brown

Love ya Aunty Raaaay xo


Michael P


Sue Rebernak


Chloe Fletcher


Saif Buhari


Shayleah Bates


Paul Borg


Travis Wilson




Kurt Rebernak