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Did you know that 65,000 Australians attempt to take their life each year? We believe that gives us 65,000 reasons to run for a great cause!

Every year over 65,000 Australians attempt to take their lives – that gives me 65,000 reasons to Tread As One.

R U OK?'s vision is a world where we're all connected and protected from suicide. 

Their mission is to inspire and empower people to meaningfully connect and lend support to the people in their world who may be struggling with life.

I believe in their mission and will be running as far as I can and raising as much money and awareness as possible for this cause that’s close to my heart.

I’d really appreciate your support – every donation helps.

Your donation will help inspire people to take the time to ask "are you OK?" and listen, which can help people struggling with life feel connected long before they even think about suicide.

Thank you for your support, together we will make a difference as we Tread As One.

#TreadAsOne #RUOK

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My Updates

Day 8

Saturday 22nd May
Mission completed ✅ - 8X8km runs over 8 days. 64kms total. - PB of 34.09 on my last run.

Day 7

Friday 21st May
Penultimate run done - ONE TO GO! Channeled my inner Usain Bolt over the last km to go sub 40. Legs are getting tired, feel like they need a break - Sunday can’t come soon enough. But going to push hard tomorrow to try and break PB and finish this off in style.

Day 6

Friday 21st May
Easily my slowest run to date but for good reason. Had to go straight to date night from work and I ate my body weight in curry and had a couple of beers. In all honesty I forgot about the challenge until I got home at 8pm. So going back out into the cold knowing I’d be at the gym for the next 40-odd minutes wasn’t pleasant. But got there - two runs to go.

Day 5

Wednesday 19th May
Dear diary, a big sub 38 for the first time today. My new goal of 36 is going to be tough but with three runs left I’ll hopefully get there. Haven’t listened to any Eminem yet so still got that ace up the sleeve. Instead I’ve been using the time to memorise Johnny Cash songs. It was also the first time not using the skins and my tradie undies did the trick - hopefully the legs won’t be too sore tomorrow. Talk then.

Day 4

Tuesday 18th May
Half way to my goal. Notched my second sub 40 - but had to speed up over the last couple of kms to get there. Starting to build a friendship with the second treadmill from the left. Seems to understand me, comforts me when I’m feeling tested and I miss it desperately when I leave the gym. I wouldn’t want to be the person who’s running on it next time I need it. Anyway, aiming to go closer to 36 minutes over the next couple of runs now that I’ve got the kms in the legs and the lungs are adjusting to the daily challenge. Until tomorrow.

Day 3

Monday 17th May
Dealing with a bit of man flu so my high performance coach and wife told me not to push it. Hopefully pick things up a bit tomorrow.

Day 2

Sunday 16th May
High 30s as promised. Not a breeze but not easy by any stretch. Will do similar tomorrow but lower. Enjoying seeing all of Auckland (digitally) - will go running in the Ireland countryside next I think. See ya tomorrow.

Day 1

Saturday 15th May
One run down seven to go. A leisurely 41 minutes (a tick over 5 minutes a km) to kick things off. Will go high 30s tomorrow with a plan to lower my PB further with every run. Did my Chaminda on the punt but watching my donkeys run out does help the time go by quick. So it’s back to power ballads or podcasts tomorrow. Until then.

Prep done

Friday 14th May
Now it's #TreadAsOne Eve and I'm pumped... I've purchased my first pair of skins to avoid having to tap out from severe chaffing - and I gotta say, I feel like the Honey Badger, I wanna tell the whole world just how comfortable it keeps my tackle. 

Earlier today I completed a 4km loosener and there's no sign of the achilles / knee / hammy, stiff shoulder issues that have been known to flare up.

Tonight I am going to have a nice scotch or maybe a few beers along with a couple of bowls of Alfredo or Carbonara to really fill the reserve tanks up. 

I don't have a bath, so I might just baste myself in bath salts and rinse off in the shower. Then it's early to bed, maybe watch The Replacements, so Shane Falco can remind me that anything is possible. 

Tomorrow morning I'll smash out a few stretches while listening to Survivor's greatest hits. 

Around midday I'll then take one last look at the names of the good people who have donated to the cause so far, before slapping myself into a bit of a frenzy in honour of Tommy.

Then moments before i take that final step onto the shock absorbing 93Ti at my local Anytime, I'll put Sky Racing on my phone, place a few bets, and spend the next 40 or so minutes watching my runners lose. 

Me vs Merga

Tuesday 11th May
I'll be loading up my Spotify with Michael Bolton and Richard Marx bangers and shuffling my way through an 8km treadmill run every day for eight days for this important cause. 

I probably won't beat Deriba 'The African Antelope' Merga's world record time of 21 mins and 51 secs over the journey, but not backing myself out either.

Every bit counts, so donate what you can afford, or just do yourselves a favour and go for a run, we all know how good a bit of exercise is for our mental health!

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