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A big thanks to everyone who took the time to check out this page and donate !

Thankyou SO MUCH to everyone that donated and showed their support for R U OK.  

The response was so great that we added an extra donation to thank Sarah for taking the time to participate and thank everyone for recognising how important these issues are in 2021.

When I set the target of 50km to raise $250 just over a week ago I thought even if 10 hours of my time helps support just 1 hour of R U OK it might just be the difference between someone getting help when they needed it most.  Well, I've topped the charts at just over $1800 which is a MASSIVE sign of just how important we all see this problem.  

I'm more than sure that this will heat up the competition in the final days of this challenge to land a spot in the top 10 fundraisers .... by all means if that's what it takes to keep the donations coming in across the thousands of participants... challenge on !! 

That old saying 'it'll be right mate', the answer to every Aussie problem doesn't always work in 2021 .... sometimes people need to hear words of encouragement .... or just be listened to.

Both of our families have seen the far reaching effects of what anxiety, depression (and worse) can do to someones livelihood (even Sarah as a rescue Kelpie recovered from a rough start to life and had to work through extreme anxiety ... only thanks to Andrews persistence and patience 😊) 

To the crowd at R U OK .... I hope you've been enjoying the daily updates from Sarah (I assure you no tank tops were harmed during that photo session 😁) I hope what we've raised here makes a little bit of a difference, it's certainly raised awareness in my circle beyond the normal fundraisers that pass by each year !

Last but certainly not least Carissa at AF Kingston you've done an absolutely fantastic job at raising awareness of R U OK to club members, and the fact that the club has been hovering in the top 3 fund raisers for the last week really is a reflection of just how much work you put into the club, and how much the club members really appreciate what you do !! 

Thanks everyone ! 

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Final Day of the challenge ....

Saturday 22nd May
Though we hit our goal on Wednesday, it was too nice outside to not do one last lap of the hills and add another 4.1 km to the tally for final distance of 55km ....

Day 5

Wednesday 19th May
Woohoo ... 51km ! Another 8.52 km tonight .. we've made it !! 😃

After heading out in the cold night conditions we made a pact not to stop until we'd hit our goal ....

Sarah took the time to model some of the merchandise sent to use for raising over $500 and help raise awareness of this important issue.

Well done Sarah :-) To mark the occasion and thank Sarah for her hard work her owners (Andrew and myself) have made another donation on Sarahs behalf to thank all the supporters of this worthy cause and for everyones generosity ! 

Day 4 .....

Tuesday 18th May
With Sarah busy at dog school tonight I’ve added another 7.8km to the total today around the neighbourhood 
Total so far 42.1 km ! 
We will both be hitting the footpath tomorrow and we may just reach our goal of 50km already ......

Day 3 ....

Monday 17th May
After work walking means adding more kms in the dark :( Oh well, at least the view from the hill in our suburb is nice ! We added another 8.81 km to the total tonight for a grand total of 34.28 km 
We're nearly at the 3/4 mark ! 

Day 2 ....

Sunday 16th May
With Sarah occupied for most of the afternoon at dog school I made a start by adding 10km to the total.  We set off after school checking out the local footpaths in night mode ...  Overall today:  14.38km ! So that's running total so far of 25.47km 
We've hit the halfway mark by day 2 ! 

Day 1 ....

Saturday 15th May
Despite the very cold, but sunny weather (at least it wasn't raining) we've set off on a typical May afternoon in Canberra and completed 11.1km already !  Let's see if we can match that distance again tomorrow ..... :) 

Thank you to my Sponsors


Andrew De Plater


Murray And Felicity

Happy walking Mat and Sarah. 🐾🐕



Well done Sarah !!! You did a great job and made your owners proud 😃


Andrew De Plater

Well done Mat and Sarah




Mathew Blackmore


Alarna Hayes

Go Mathew and Sarah!!!! Xoxoxox


Bruce Dawson

Glad you are walking the Kelpie and not the black dog




Nicola Chapman


Wendy Austen


Ross & Sue Hawkins

Go Sarah! Hope you can keep up with her Matty!


Lyn Bird

Whoot yay Mat!


David Owen

Hey Mat and Sarah, good luck tomorrow. I know you both will kill it 😀👍🏻


Julie Burns

I hope you and Sarah enjoy your walks in the lovely Canberra sunshine.


Kristine Schilling

I hope you really enjoy your time out with Sarah raising funds for a very worthwhile cause.


Helen Rosina Bell


Ben Newman

just because of Sarah ! who could resist those eyes (;


Tim Barrett



Great effort & a very good cause. Well done. Gin👍


Mal Beaton


Carissa Meyer

Mathew - I have been loving watching you and Sarah! I want to bump you up to $2000 because you deserve it.. wonder if you may get to $3000??


Stacey Hawkins


Glenn Kilpatrick


Sophie Hawkins