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Did you know that 65,000 Australians attempt to take their life each year? We believe that gives us 65,000 reasons to run for a great cause!

Every year over 65,000 Australians attempt to take their lives – that gives me 65,000 reasons to Tread As One.

R U OK?'s vision is a world where we're all connected and protected from suicide. 

Their mission is to inspire and empower people to meaningfully connect and lend support to the people in their world who may be struggling with life.

I believe in their mission and will be running as far as I can and raising as much money and awareness as possible for this cause that’s close to my heart.

I’d really appreciate your support – every donation helps.

Your donation will help inspire people to take the time to ask "are you OK?" and listen, which can help people struggling with life feel connected long before they even think about suicide.

Thank you for your support, together we will make a difference as we Tread As One.

#TreadAsOne #RUOK

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We did it

Tuesday 25th May
Thank you to those that have donated in the prevention of suicide. I also completed my 10kms. 

We are almost there

Monday 24th May
A few dollars guys, and together we can help those truly I need and support. 

Thank you to my Sponsors


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