How To
Tread As One


Tread As One is running from September 30 - October 7


While Tread As One is organised by Anytime Fitness Australia, you can take part anywhere you like – your local gym or park, hit the beach or the mountains or pound the pavement. It doesn’t matter where you run, every km counts and can be recorded manually or by using a FitBit or Strava device.


The goal of the challenge is very simple - roll, run, walk as far as you can in the 8 days from September 30 - October 7, raising money and awareness for R U OK? as you go. All you have to do is register now and get treading!


Tread As One is open to EVERYONE – especially you! You don’t have to be an Anytime Fitness member to take part and make a difference. You can create a team with your friends, colleagues or classmates to help strengthen connections and increase your impact.


Every year, 65,000 Australians will attempt to take their own life. We believe that gives us 65,000 reasons to run. Every step you take will help to raise vital funds and awareness for R U OK? and suicide prevention.

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