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Did you know that 65,000 Australians attempt to take their life each year? We believe that gives us 65,000 reasons to run for a great cause!

Every year over 65,000 Australians attempt to take their lives – that gives me 65,000 reasons to Tread As One.

R U OK?'s vision is a world where we're all connected and protected from suicide. 

Their mission is to inspire and empower people to meaningfully connect and lend support to the people in their world who may be struggling with life.

I believe in their mission and will be running as far as I can and raising as much money and awareness as possible for this cause that’s close to my heart.

I’d really appreciate your support – every donation helps.

Your donation will help inspire people to take the time to ask "are you OK?" and listen, which can help people struggling with life feel connected long before they even think about suicide.

Thank you for your support, together we will make a difference as we Tread As One.

#TreadAsOne #RUOK

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Day 6 Part 2

Thursday 20th May

I really didn’t want to do this, but I did.  My pace wasn’t as awful as I thought, despite something kinda unpleasant going on with my hip. While i was running I was thinking about why I went. Initially, simply because I said I would but I kind of drew an analogy to mental health issues and recovery. Exercise, movement in general and the ocean have always been a balm for anxiety for me, and being strong and fit helps me to feel less afraid in the world when it seems a bit overwhelming. 

There have been times when I’ve woken up in the morning and had no idea how I would get through the day ahead. I had no idea how I’d get through this piddly three km run this afternoon either. It really does come down to one foot in front of the other, figuratively and literally. Celebrate that step. Then the next one. And the next. Appreciate that moment. There is beauty in every moment but sometimes you need to really look for it. I have a tattoo on my forearm that says breathe. It’s a reminder to just stop, take a deep breath and just ‘be’ in that moment. Nothing else matters right then than just taking a deep breath, inhaling the good stuff and letting go of the bad stuff. Sometimes I forget this; I’m grateful to have good friends who will literally say to me ‘look at your arm, Woman!’ 

I know that recovery is not that simple or uncomplicated, but I do believe it is the appreciation and acknowledgement of the simple things that help us take that next step, and the next, and seek support 💕

Day 6 Part 1

Thursday 20th May

Insomnia is a b1tch. It’s those lonely early hours when it’s just that bit harder to keep the black dog / anxiety / fear / overthinking at bay. I was awake between 2.30 and 4 this morning, then turned my alarm off in my sleep. Again. Late to the gym and only managed 3km before needing to get home to get the teenager to school. I really should have gone to the gym at 3am, it wouldn’t be the first time 😆

Tonight I will be putting my phone on the other side of the room and connecting it to a speaker so there’s no chance of sleeping through it! 

3km after work tonight, but that’ll be along the beach which is not a hardship at all. 

My hip has started hurting again lately, but generally movement helps. Not so much this morning so it was a really slow 3km. It’s on the ‘please don’t break before I move’ list, along with my phone. Two on crutches with hip injuries in the one household isn’t gonna work 😬

Day 4

Thursday 20th May

Day 4 of #TreadAsOne for @atf_busselton

4.26 km on the treadmill. 

I’m struggling to remember why I used to enjoy running but what’s a bit of physical discomfort in comparison to the mental health issues so many Australians face every day?  

Please remember to check in with each other or reach out when things seem overwhelming. None of us are alone, ever. 

Day 3

Thursday 20th May

Day 3 of #TreadAsOne for @atf_busselton

3km on the treadmill this morning. Ouch.

Nothing yesterday after shenanigans with the besties in Perth Saturday night. 

9(ish) km down, 19 to go. 

Day one

Thursday 20th May

Day 1 of #treadasone done and dusted. Excuse me while I go back to bed to recover. 5.5km and slow as a herd of turtles stuck in mud, but I’m actually reasonably happy with it. All the broken bits are hurting, but no more than usual. 

Every year 65,000 people attempt to take their own lives 💔 Tread As One is an i initiative by #RUOk to ensure we are all connected and protected from suicide. 

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Nice work!



Smash it girl!!


Sam Mawbey


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You inspire me every day. Thank you for doing the earnings you do for the people you have in your life x





Good one, Sam! xxx


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Awesome work Sam


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Great cause Sam! I know you’ll smash it on your ketone energy!


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Go you!